Specially designed for use with biocamins. It reduces the consumption of bioethanol and prolongs the burning period.
They serve not only as an ornament, but they retain heat long after the fire is extinguished. They can be customized on the fireplace. It has small, medium and large, different colors.
Ceramic emission as an ornament for your biocamine
Prior to biocamine ignition, add 5-6 drops of essential oil to the bioethanol. Available in various flavors: sandalwood, almond, vanilla, eucalyptus, Christmas tree, tropical fire, fire from fire, fruit aroma

BIOETHANOLEasy-to-use, affordable, bioethanol is an alternative energy source whose popularity has grown dramatically in recent years. It is produced from cellulose biomass – wheat, millet, emerald and tristachium. Slow combustion makes it extremely cost effective. During combustion, it does not emit toxic gases, smoke or odors. Like any live fire, it emits water vapor and carbon dioxide, but in normal amounts, 1L of bioethanol emits carbon dioxide equivalent to burning 2 medium sized candles. Water vapor contributes to humidity in the air, which is good for your health. How much bioethanol will burn depends on the size of the burner. In a circular burner with opening 10 cm, 0.5 l bioethanol, burn for 3 hours. The bioethanol we recommend is pure 96.6%. It has a certificate from TUG Germany and it is available in packs of 1, 5 and 10 l


Keep bioethanol in a closed, dry, dark and cool place, protected from the sun, away from hot appliances. Bioethanol is a flammable fuel. Insert the bioethanol into the burner with an airtight container The burner is not charged more than 3/4 Ignite extremely long lighters In case of bioethanol pouring out of the burner, it is advisable to clean it immediately or wait for it to evaporate. Fuel must not be refilled while the fire is burning. If you want to refuel the burner first turn it off, wait 10-15 minutes until the burner cools down, then top up. Do not leave bioethanol open near the fireplace during fire burning.